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Laundry Services?

Our People

COLE is a one of the last privately held laundry route operators that believes relationships matter with our customers. We use an all hands on deck approach, every employee is available including our owner.  You will not find that type of service with our competitors.  We work tirelessly to ensure our customers are getting the greatest service! 


We have been in the industry for over 50 years and know every nuance of the laundry business. This is what we do and this is what we know!  Our business analysts will review your current laundry room and will create a solution that will increase your laundry room profit.  Our service technicians are certified in their craft and will work tirelessly to ensure your equipment is functioning at its optimum level and our construction planners are available to re-hab your current laundry room or build out a brand new facility.

Customized Solutions

Not all needs are the same nor is all solutions.  COLE tailors our solutions to meet the objectives of our customers. We work closely to understand their current requirements along with any future changes they envision, and we understand the success of your business relates to the success of our business.  We are partners! 

Forward Thinking

COLE leverages our vendors to take advantage of technological advancements for our customers, utilizing cashless and mobile payment options for our clients.  We keep up to date on the latest washer and dryer technology and incorporate them into our laundry rooms when advantageous.  We also promote green high efficiency washers and dryers from the Speed Queen line of products.

Customer Focused

Customer serviced is has always been the top priority in our organization.  This is what sets us apart from our competitors. We will accept nothing less than a satisfied customer!  Our clients can call us at 773-849-6678 or submit a web service request right here.

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