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COLE Laundry
for Your Industry

Multi-Unit Buildings

COLE has customized solutions to meet all of your laundry room needs!  We provide rental and lease options for laundry equipment and laundry rooms to any Multi-Unit development.  We also provide our customers with a complete outsource solution where we run your laundry rooms, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business.  Contact us for details!

Colleges & Universities

We currently partner with small colleges and universities. Working closely with our partner's colleges and universities while creating a laundry program that delivers convenience and profit, utilizing high efficient equipment, green technologies, and coin and cashless card payment systems deliver value to our customers.  We can turn what use to be a cost into positive cash flow!   Contact us for details!

Fitness Centers/Gyms

We find laundry equipment rental and outsourcing opportunities make the most sense for the fitness center/gym segment. The staff at these establishments we service could not be happier with the solutions we provide them.  Taking advantage of our high efficient laundry equipment has dramatically lowered their operation costs. 

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